Place a Zone in all rooms that contain any Roof Lights over.

Pay special attention to the ID’s of these Zones, especially the part in “( )”.

They can have any Name and can be of any Category, however they must contain “(XA-R?)” in their ID’s and must be placed on a specific Layer of your choice, in this case we have chosen “- XA – Roof Light”.

The “(XA-R?)” part of the ID will also be found in the relevant Roof Light ID’s in that room.

This part of the ID is used for Filtering and Scheduling purposes. Proceed to STEP 2 on “SRL-RL ROOF LAYOUT” in the Navigator – View Map under ROOF LIGHTS/Help Files.


Matching Roof Light ID’s with Room/Zone ID’s. Make sure that the portion of the Roof Light ID’s in “( )”, match the portion of the Room/Zone ID’s in “( )”, that they are placed above.

For example, if there are three Roof Lights placed above a Room Zone with and ID of “NFA-7 (XA-R7)”, then the ID’s of the Roof Lights would look something like this:
Roof Light 1 ID: “Sky-3 (XA-R7)”
Roof Light 2 ID: “Sky-4 (XA-R7)”
Roof Light 3 ID: “Sky-5 (XA-R7)”


Select the Roof Lights you wish to run the calculations on and open their Selection settings dialog boxes.

Under the Listing and Labeling tab, select or tick the Label Skylight check box and press OK to return to the Floor Plan.


Select the newly placed labels and open their Selection Settings Dialog boxes.

Under the Content and Preview tab, select the Smart-XA Roof Light Label from the dropdown menu as shown.


Once you have selected the correct Label as per STEP 4, under “Smart-XA Roof Light Settings” drop down menu, select and complete all requirements where necessary.


Once you have completed STEP 5, hit “OK” and proceed to the SANS 10400 Roof Lights Layout in the Navigator – Layout Book for STEP 7.