Select the roofs you wish to run the calculations on and open their Selection settings dialog boxes.

Under the Listing and Labeling tab, select or tick the Label Roof check box and press OK to return to the Floor Plan.


Select the newly placed labels and open their Selection Settings Dialog boxes. Under the Content and Preview tab, select the Smart-XA Roof Label from the dropdown menu as shown.


Once you have selected the correct Label as per STEP 2, under “Smart-XA Roof Calculator” drop down menu, select and complete all requirements where necessary.


Once you have completed STEP 3, hit “OK” to see if you comply. If you comply, proceed to the SANS 10400 Roofs Layout in the Navigator – Layout Book for publishing. If you do not comply, move to STEP 5 above.


If you are not achieving compliance, please consider the following, make sure that the building materials you have used all have the correct data in the Physical Properties section, of the Tags and Categories tab, of the Building Materials settings dialog box.

It is important to note that this information is user defined and it is the responsibility of the user to get all the correct material specific information from the manufacturer.